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Silver Studios offers clients the creative, innovative yet uncomplicated means to marketing and branding with a personal touch. Establishing your company’s identity and building the brand is as important as the product itself. It tells your client who you are, how you think and what your product is about. It makes the difference between mediocrity and Excellence!

At Silver Studios we don’t design, we give life to the corporate image your company must have to enable it to stay ahead of today’s vast competition. Companies tend to have a unique image, an image that is partially my house and accidental, partially self-created and adopted.

We believe your corporate image must portray enough to draw prospective clients, but also radiate a sense of familiarity that will enable a comfortable relationship between you and your clients. This process has various aspects and we will guide you to the right name, logo, the way to profile your company with the right icons and correct text to support and strengthen the visual core image.

Our one-stop boutique studio offers you a solution to all your marketing and advertising needs:

  • Graphic design and Branding

  • Web development and platform development

  • Reliable Web Hosting

  • Printing and production

  • Corporate clothing

  • Bulk Emailing